Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 4

Deutsche Bahn…I have such fond memories of the DB. Like the time I caught a trip from Hamburg to Hannover on St. Niklaus Day – and the conductor’s passed out apples w/the DB logo grown into them. Ahhh, German hospitality.

Wall of Death
Jen, “Can I do it?”
No argument here.
“Awe, you don’t get to drive?”

Roadblock – Find Roaming Gnome
Ha! Jen says I have better luck than she does, so I’m doing it. Gnomes are funny. Especially the beer making ones (those are Belgian, not Travelocitizen).

Actually, Eric & Jeremy could have rented their German.

Detour – Break it or Slap it
We have to break it. As Jen says, “You have less than no rhythm.” Breaking bottles over each other’s head sound like a damn good time. And looks hilarious. Especially with Lederhosen-clad dancers circling you.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #2, I love these guys – they know how to race.
  • Dave & Lori – #5
  • Ray & Yolanda – #7