An Emotion Connection Tells Us What Matters

In Newsweek’s cover story “Reading Your Baby’s Mind” on baby’s brain development, new research is profiled into the “babies learn foreign languages easily” phenomenon. The research states, a baby can easily learn a second language easily only if the secondary language is spoken by someone the baby has an emotional connection with.

“…without the emotional connection, the babies considered the tape recording just another background noise, like a vacuum cleaner.”

That’s right, language tapes in the background are just that.

This isn’t something we outgrow.

The New York Times article Team-Building With a Twist details the pains companies are going through to connect their employees on an emotional level.

As with babies and foreign languages, it only clicks if the parental figure finds it valuable enough to join in:

“Without a doubt, we’ve been able to map our chapters’ development based on whether or not the chapter president went through this experience.”