Apple’s Weather Dashboard Widget Won’t Go Below 28F?

As you might have heard, we finally got winter here in the upper Midwest. Not the Christmas-fluffy-white-snow-perfect-for-skiing-and-hot-cocoa-winter, the death-to-all-who-venture-out-of-doors winter.

Both and say it’s a brisk -2°F (one degree lower since my last post).

Strangely, Apple’s Weather Dashboard Widget tells me it’s a tropical 28°F and snowing. It’s way too cold to snow and hasn’t been 28 for days. Something’s not right.

I should have found Daring Fireball’s Weather Widget Location Validation post earlier. Looks like I’ve been getting Minneapolis, North Carolina’s forecast for months now.

I’m glad someone’s getting a fluffy-white-snow winter.

3 thoughts on “Apple’s Weather Dashboard Widget Won’t Go Below 28F?

  1. My Dashboard was broken for a while until I discovered “Washington D.C.” is now supposed to be “Washington DC”.

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