Autumn, Time to Start Plowing the Fields

After proving that it’s autumn – or more specifically – fall, the Universe is now sending me a very different message.

A message of opportunity, of motivation, of determination, of persistence, of personal happiness.

“I think we may be on the verge of the greatest days of the United States in my adult life…” – Dave Winer

“Are you going to use your power for good….or for Awesome?” – Giles Bowkett

“If I said you could have another go [at life], just like you asked, but it’d cost you at least half your lifespan, would you take it anyway?”
“Well, better get started then.”

– Cayenne Chris

“Apply VC portfolio strategy to yourself.” – Dan Grigsby

“A programmer can sit down in front of a computer and create wealth.” – Paul Graham

Factor in autumn being my favorite season, the neighbors prepping their lawns for winter, and Cullect getting more usage, and I see only opportunity ahead.

More pessimistically – we can only go up from here.