Charging for the Silver Lining

“Skydeck is now focusing on building features that it can charge for, instead of free services that attract users but not revenue.” – Brad Stone, New York Times

Thank [your-preferred-deity-here].

You know I have a pet peeve with ‘businesses’ where the metric of success doesn’t start with a $. Perhaps Web 2.0 will end the same way as the ‘first version’ – a huge shake-out wiping places with funny names off the web because they simply weren’t sustainable.

Though, I believe now is different for 1 major reason – $$$. Or more precisely – $. The amount of money, time, energy, effort to maintain a modestly successful (or even not at all successful) project is small. Miniscule. Be-your-own-VC-small.

Add a little ad-revenue atop (not my preferred method, but it works for others I know) that and expenses are covered. Actually transform ‘users’ into customers – priceless. And well positioned for sunnier times. Fun-damentals.