Behind the Blog: Norwegianity

The Wege goes in-depth on all the reasons Norwegianity is a must-read.

  1. Cursing:

    “…my policy on swearing – I’m for it.”

    So few people know how to effectively curse – The Wege does. Sloppy, ineffective, low-vocabulary cursing is so prevalent that his use of ‘fuck’ (as in “Fuck the new Republican party”) is refreshing.

  2. Music:

    “I know more about Ethiopian music than you do….I was listening to hip hop in 1981”

    The Wege knows music. Frighteningly so.

  3. Convoluted, multi-topic, verbose, heavily-quoted, posts:

    ” I throw in gratuitous obscenities to keep the mainstream media from linking to me, and I complicate my posts so pissed off wingnuts can’t link”

  4. Politics:

    “I know what conservatism is, and it ain’t got a goddamned thing to do with Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, George Bush or Mitt fucking Romney. I respect Scientologists more than I respect Republicans. At least they had the gonads to join a real cult, and not some faux, whatever-Karl Rove-decided-to-call-it-this-week, fundraising apparatus.”

Just what an ‘about’ section of a blog should be – full disclosure and a manifesto.