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Top 9 Things I Want In a Blog Engine

self-hosted easily template-able easily customizable supports email-to-post supports XML-RPC supports RSS output internal search engine an writing UI encouraging writing 200+ words at a time an reading UI encouraging reading 2+ essays at a time Update 11 Oct 2010 Add these to the list; memorable, human-readable URL constructs doesn’t bias how or what I publish Launches at

I’m pleased to announce the launch of – a advertising product now in beta testing at Karl and I have been building and testing the system for a couple of months now and I’m quite happy with it on three of fronts; It feels like it makes advertising approachable to people and organizations…

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When I talk about Cullect to people publishing feeds, I very consciously don’t use the word ‘blog*’. Primarily because bloggers blogging blogs aren’t the only people publishing online. Almost everyone publishing online publishes a feed. No matter if that publication contains text, audio, video, software, or something completely different. Cullect works the same if you’re…

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