Our amazing and wonderful hosts took us on a roadtrip on Saturday to a couple castles just outside of Brussels

Beersel – a Brusselian defensive castle from 1310. Visitors can fully explore it and on this day, the place was all ours. From the ground floor through the tight, steep, worn stone stairwell to the top of the tower. There were some tight spots with Little C on my back, I had a great time all the same.

The 700 year-old bricks making up the floor have sunken in leaving only the spider-web of mortor to walk on and if there ever was glass in any of the windows – it’s long gone. This doesn’t change the amazing views of the castle ruins and landscape from any angle.

Next, Kasteel van Gaasbeek – originating in 1240, Gaasbeek is comparatively larger and in better condition. Alas, it was closed for the day so we simply enjoyed a walked around the immaculate grounds.

From there, a quick drive to a tiny rural, Belgian cafe in an old brewery serving with only regional beers – like, my current favorite, Affligem. After a round of the Affligem Christmas and a flight of the house Gueze we were on our way.

Little C kept telling us how remarkable his emerging teeth were, so he wasn’t he bestest traveling companion.