Tuesday Ten Pack – My First Favorites from SXSW 2006

After a week with the 650+ tracks in the first 2006 SXSW Showcasing Artist Bittorrent, here’s the first 10 tracks capturing my attention.

Tuesday Triple Play – The ER Being Like an After Bar

This triple play was tough, two of these songs were sitting in the queue for a while now awaiting a third. This morning inspiration struck – like that scene from Pulp Fiction. Conventional wisdom says there’s a fine line separating pleasure and pain. These three songs aren’t sure which side they’re on.

Tuesday’s Triple Play – Love Goes the Distance

Back when Jen and I were dating, I made a mix tape for her entitled ‘Breakup Song Not Included’ – I think it’s still around here somewhere too. She took one look at the track list and declared, “Everyone of these songs is a break up song.”

She was right.

And if you know who said, “There are no love songs, only out of love songs. When you’re in love, you don’t have time to write a song”, this week’s Triple Play is dedicated to you.

Tuesday’s Triple Play – 3 From Wonderlick


Ever since enticing me with their LL Cool J and 2Live Crew covers then switching it up with some of the most painfully melancholy audio, Tim Quirk and the guys from Too Much Joy have always hit me pretty hard. This week’s Triple play are 3 songs from Wonderlick – one of their latest incarnations – that always make me want to crawl back in bed.

All tracks are from their debut self-titled CD Wonderlick ($12 gets you the CD and t-shirt).

Tuesday’s Triple Play – Let’s Go Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving (or Halloween, or Arbor Day, or St. Patrick’s Day) marks the start of the holiday shopping season. This week’s Tuesday Triple Play is dedicated to the entertainment of retail.