My Mom Reads This Blog

Just thought you (those of you that aren’t my mom) should know.

I don’t know about my other blogs – so you should be safe commenting there. 😉

Aside from making me think I should stop posting some of the more technical topics, I’m happy for it.

Blogging is shorthand – right. Those of you that keep up with this site know what’s on my mind when you bump into me at the bus stop and vice versa.

Mom, seriously, when you want to start blogging, gimme a ring.

Newborn Diaper Review

We started with a couple packages of Huggies newborn diapers. Worked well enough. Though odd things would happen – say, Cooper’s back would be wet. How’s that happen?

I wrote it off to our model being slightly smaller than Huggies’ newborn model. Then we mixed in a couple packages of Pampers newborn diapers. Despite their new car with baby powder smell, they perform better than the Huggies.

Tonight, we got a pack of Luvs newborns – with their Ultra LeakGuard. Unless Luvs are installed differently, something is seriously odd with these diapers. I had to check the package twice to verify they were for newborns. Pulling the sides all snug in front leaves a half-inch gap up front. With a little boy – this is like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Tick Tock.

We tried 2 before switching back to the Pampers.

On a unrelated note – I don’t understand why Muppets and other children’s characters are on the front of newborn diapers. The kid can’t focus that far – and well, I see a huge opportunity for helpful hints like – in the case of the Luvs – installation instructions. At least something entertaining like George Carlin quotes.

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

It’d be a nice moment of Zen.

Things That Mean Nothing to Cooper

My mom has this great collection of 45s. I remember spending some fantastic afternoons as a kid spinning Joan Jett, the Beatles, and so many other classics.

This lazy Saturday afternoon, we had the 89.3 the Current on for Cooper and they played a song by the Pixies.

Jen to Cooper: “This was the first CD your mom bought. At the music store in the mall….Back when there were music stores….and malls.”

I’m sure that CD is in one of the many boxes of CDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes in the cloest. I know my first CD – They Might Be Giants – Flood is up there. I have a hard time imagining Cooper ever digging through those boxes – especially when he’s already got a playlist on my iPod.

Obviously, Cooper also doesn’t know anything about Sept. 11, 2001 or the Iraq War. I feel real good about that. Hopefully, those events will end up meaning the same to him as the Korean War does to me: it happened and it’s over.

3 July 2007 Update: We inherited an old early Little Tikes kitchen, circa 1980. With a wall-mounted rotary phone. I don’t know that Cooper’s ever acknowledged it as a phone. Though he’s already racking up the minutes on his green Parent’s flip phone.