Newborn Diaper Review

We started with a couple packages of Huggies newborn diapers. Worked well enough. Though odd things would happen – say, Cooper’s back would be wet. How’s that happen?

I wrote it off to our model being slightly smaller than Huggies’ newborn model. Then we mixed in a couple packages of Pampers newborn diapers. Despite their new car with baby powder smell, they perform better than the Huggies.

Tonight, we got a pack of Luvs newborns – with their Ultra LeakGuard. Unless Luvs are installed differently, something is seriously odd with these diapers. I had to check the package twice to verify they were for newborns. Pulling the sides all snug in front leaves a half-inch gap up front. With a little boy – this is like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Tick Tock.

We tried 2 before switching back to the Pampers.

On a unrelated note – I don’t understand why Muppets and other children’s characters are on the front of newborn diapers. The kid can’t focus that far – and well, I see a huge opportunity for helpful hints like – in the case of the Luvs – installation instructions. At least something entertaining like George Carlin quotes.

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

It’d be a nice moment of Zen.