Goodbye BlogDigger, Hello AmigoFish

There’s been a problem since the dawn of podcasting – how to find interesting, new things to listen to.

For the past year, my strategy: subscribe to the notoriously noisy BlogDigger for say, a day or so then frantically unsubscribe – the phrase “drink from the firehose” seems appropriate here. Listen to everything over the next 3 weeks, toss out 98% hay, keep the 2% needle.

Highly inefficient. Unfortunately, nothing better existed.

Until a couple weeks ago when Dave Slusher unveiled AmigoFish. Think Netflix for podcasts – rate what you’ve listened to thus far, have the rest of the world find good stuff you’ve missed.

Thus far, I’ve found the fantastic smallworldpodcast interview with Gallagher and noticed Smart City Radio (highly recommended by Joe Urban) is now available via RSS.

From my predictions – there’s a good mix of music, tech, public radio, audio blogs, and stuff less easily definable. These are all good things.

Blogdigger has been wiped from my aggregator. I don’t expect it back ever. AmigoFish is my new friend.

The oddest thing about my experience with AmigoFish?

Everytime I skim the list, I think, “Dave thinks I should listen to this”. Now, that’s no more true with these podcasts than it is with books at Amazon or films at Netflix – but it makes me feel better about AmigoFish than those other places.

UPDATE: AmigoFish adds RSS Prediction Feeds. I knew AmigoFish wouldn’t be useful until it had prediction feeds – I didn’t think it’d turn into my favorite ‘podcast’ in under a week.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye BlogDigger, Hello AmigoFish

  1. Garrick,

    Thanks for the kind words, especially since I felt so horrible about how the Gallagher interview went. I’m going to thank Joe Urban for turning you on to my show.

    ciao for now,
    Bazooka Joe

  2. Garrick,

    I’m Greg from Blogdigger; I’m glad at least we were of service for a while, you are right that our media feeds are a bit overwhelming, which works for some and not for others. I find your approach to consuming the content interesting, it’s an approach I hadn’t realized some were using.

    We are working on a more refined version of the media feeds, I hope you’ll give them a shot when they are ready. If I can be of any other help, just let me know. And AmigoFish looks pretty cool.

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