China Restates Earnings

“…with the corrected China [Purchasing Power Parity] statistics, the whole question is moot. China is just not that big now and will not get that big any time soon.” – Albert Kiedel of the Carnegie Endowment

Kiedel’s article put a number of things into perspective for me – namely why I hear ‘China, China, China’ everywhere I go (like I heard ‘India, India, India’ a couple years back) – China is trying damn hard to pull itself out of poverty.

With the restated numbers, more than 500 million Chinese1 live below the dollar-a-day poverty line.

Makes me want to give them a hand and outsource something to them.

Thanks to Angus @ Kids Prefer Cheese

1. 37% of China’s population. As a reference point, the entire US population is a hair over 300 million with 12% in poverty .