If We Can’t Share Nothing








How many times have you had that conversation?


Banality in less than 140 characters is the foundation of our social interaction. It safely builds the trust required for a longer, more engaging exchange.

If we can’t share the meaningless, what can we share?

“Part of the power of Twitter is that, among all of these social tools we use to communicate on the Web, this is the one that truly feels social…I truly feel as though I’ve established some sense of a relationship with certain people.” – Mike Keliher

Then Mike says nice things about me. Twitter-hug.

2 thoughts on “If We Can’t Share Nothing

  1. Wow. My first Twitter-hug. Awesome. I’m sure it was one of those “man hugs,” right? You know, the “handshake with the right arm, hug with the left” routine.

    Not only does the banal stuff help lay a foundation of trust, but it also makes conversation real. Can you imagine if everyone tried to make everything they said purposely, explicitly anti-banal?

    The forced, pretentious bullshit would make us all ill.

  2. I wonder what would it be like to have an in-person conversation with someone where you get the “Twoosh” and are cut off after you’ve spoken 140 characters.

    My email writing style is shifting toward crafting more Twitter-like sentences.

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