City Pages – Exception that Proves the Rule

There’s a best practice in podcast-o-land:

Don’t go public with your podcast until at least episode 6.

Like too many local publication moves in this area – they’re far too focused on ad-supported page views to let the technology work for them – technology like RSS and downloadable files. At best what the City Pages launched was an mp3 blog. And that’s generous.

“It just dawned on me why City Pages hasn’t ever understood this. Traditionally, in order to get the City Pages, you’ve always had to go to a City Pages kiosk. You’ve never been able to subscribe to it.” – Aaron Landry

“I want to hear what didn’t make the piece” – Paul Schmelzer

3 thoughts on “City Pages – Exception that Proves the Rule

  1. Im surprised. “Savage Love” (published in City Pages) has had a podcast for sometime. Dan Savage promotes his podcast in his article.
    You would think the publishers would read their own paper.

  2. Savage Love is a syndicated column, IIRC; it wouldn’t surprise me if the publisher doesn’t read it at all, it’s just there to try to attract readers. 😉

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