Compare and Contrast

  1. Exhibit 1: The lastest Morning Coffee Notes talking frankly, casually, honestly about business and the internet. There’s a pile of very valuable lessons in this conversation.
  2. Exhibit 2: TechCrunch’s heavily produced, seemingly scripted, wardrobed, cast of 14 CEOs talking buzzwords.

Update 12 August 2006: The Om and Niall Podsessions have left me unsatisfied lately. Too much of the later, not enough of the former.

“Aside from personal, near-term gain, why sell out at all? Wait until the 1.0 era giants crumble, and buy their worthwhile assets” – Stowe Boyd

3 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. They have more in common than they differ. Both appear to view the Web as nothing more than a new marketplace ripe for exploitation for dollars. May their bubbles burst profusely.

  2. Depending on what point you’re trying to make this may or may not be the right comparison.

    If you’re trying to show that post-production is not necessary for a good podcast… the outcome will depend on whether Dave’s is “good” or not, not whether it’s better than TechCrunch.

    If you’re trying to show that post-production doesn’t help, what you’d need is either a copy of the unedited, pre-produced version of the TechCrunch podcast, or an example of someone taking MCN and giving it some production value… and comparing the before with the after.

    Is post-production necessary? Probably not… if you’re mindful of your audience, good on your feet, and can avoid excessive dead air.

    Does it help? Probably, if done well.

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