Blog Networks Are An Oxymoron

It’s a rare recording label with more fans than the artists it supports, a rare television company with more fans than the programs it broadcasts. Anyone can create a network just by installing MagpieRSS on their favorite server and loading it up with their favorite RSS feeds. Er, I think that’s a network, maybe a channel, eh, it’s close enough not to matter.

There are 333 feeds in my version of NetNewsWire. The vast majority of them, independent publishers, somewhat unrelated to the next. As of this writing, there are 73 feeds over at PodcastMN. Same goes for them.

But, aggregation is only so useful. Filtering, editing, whathaveyou is the other side of the coin.

“These network directors, as I call them, would add critical value to the plaza, and make the user experience much more than just a combined stream.” – Stowe Boyd

Does the above link make me a Network Director or simply a blogger?
(yes, this is all about the T-minus project)