– You Already Have An Account

If you’ve spent significant time online, you have pile of names and passwords. Typically, one per domain, sometimes, it’s more than that. Each web service assuming it’s so god damn important in your life that it deserves a special password one more unmemorable than the next.

Highly rude, impolite, an unnecessary. Especially today when so many web services have interoperable APIs.

What do websites ask people to register instead of simply authenticate?
One reason is that ad-rates, valuations, and other finance-related metrics are based on the number of accounts (active or otherwise). Things unimportant to the people registering.

For, I needed some unique identifier. Something small to distinguish one person from another. As an added bonus, I’m betting the people in need of a powerful feed aggregator like Cullect are already publishing to some kind of API-enabled website already.

Cullect authenticates you against your own existing website(s). Easy. Like looking in the mirror.

No registration process. Just sign in. No need to create a new account or password. If you want to save yourself a step on the publishing side, Cullect can save your password. By default, it doesn’t.

For more background on this approach, check out my Guarding the Rhino post.