Twitter Updates for 2008-01-16

  • is pretty sure ‘looming recession’ doesn’t actually exist. Like predicting the weather 6 mnths out. Sure, winters are colder than summers. #
  • @cullect stat-o-the-day: 703 recommendations, 4140 feeds, 497086 items #
  • couldn’t sleep, got outta bed just to buy a domain name for a crazy @cullect spinoff idea. #
  • @jamuraa – yes, breaking is helpful. Can you elaborate on what happened? I don’t see anything odd in the logs. #
  • is re-installing Acrobat Reader. This isn’t improving my impression of Adobe. #
  • @fred_beecher – I completely agree. Unfortunately, a couple of vendors I have don’t feel the same. #
  • @jamuraa – ok. I got a peak at the issue you were having, filed the bug report and killed all the offenders. #

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