eMac Fax Modem Killed My Phone Line

I had to send a couple faxes yesterday. Something I do so infrequently that I just use the OS X’s built-in faxing on these rare occasions.

The modem on my Powerbook hasn’t been working right for a while now – neither has the disc drive. I’m getting a real good idea of how much I need these features when they don’t work right (very little).

Anyway, I was using the fax machine in Jen’s eMac. It wouldn’t go through and it wouldn’t go through, and it wouldn’t go through.

This morning, the faxes still hadn’t gone through – plus the DSL was down and no dial tone on the line.

Two great guys from Qwest came out and took a look this afternoon.

Conclusion: the eMac fax modem freaked itself out, and didn’t hang up correctly on one of the attempts, taking the whole line down with it. DSL and all. Dang.