Fermenting: Aloysius Amber Rye


Turns out, I’m addicted to Hopville’s Beer Calculus in much the same way others are addicted to Angry Birds. And the game play (get a group of ingredients to match a beer style) I find just as engaging.

The first of many recipes I’ve been working on is this Amber Rye in dedicated to my grandfather.

    Aloysius Amber Rye

  • 8# Briess Amber LME
  • 2# Rye Malt
  • 1# Crystal 50-60L
  • 8oz Flaked Rye
  • 0.5oz Chinook @ 60
  • 1.5oz Sterling @ 30
  • 1.0oz Ahtanum @ 15
  • Wyeast Headwaters Ale
  • Original Gravity: 1060. (Hopville estimated it @ 1074 – makes me think I could have done a better job of milling the rye.)
  • ABV: 7.5
  • IBU: 43
  • BU/GU: 0.59

This was also my first attempt at a DeathBrewer-style partial mash. It’s just the bridge I was looking for into all grain brewing. The process was straightforward and much more ‘Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew‘ than many of the other partial mash processes I’d been reading up on (even in step 2 DeathBrewer reminds us to be comfortable).

The fermentation was strong by morning, and now – 24 hrs later is going full bore. I’m thankful this batch is in a 7 gallon brew bucket – rather than a 5 gallon carboy.

Here’s the Aloysius Amber Rye on Hopville

Update 9 July 2011:
F.G: 1.020
Medium brown in color.
Pre-carbonation: Tasting notes – Sharp black pepper & caramally-sweetness right away. Finishes clean.

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  1. If you want to make that next step up to all grain after that one, brew in a bag works really well and I’ve got my system dialed in. You’re welcome to come on over on a brew day to see how I’m set up.

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