Fermenting: “GnomeMower” – Biére de Garde

After a three batches of beers with 6+ month fermentation timelines ( “Marley was Dead“, “Out Like a Lion” , “Sour Suburbanite” ) I wanted something with a slightly, faster turnaround.

And – less, um, experimental.

So, I pulled together this Biére de Garde Golden Strong Ale.

Simple and straight-forward ingredient list.

  • Original Gravity: 1050 ( ~6.5% ABV though, I’m pretty sure that’s a low reading)

Update 1 April 2011
After a day of being quiet – re-attached the blowoff tube last night. Woke up this morning to a hose full of new krausen. Golly.

Update 7 April 2011:
I moved it to the secondary today. Kinda flat. Hmmm.

Update 3 May 2011:
According to the Hopville’s Beer Calculus – I completely missed both Golden Strong & Biére de Garde. Not off by much on the Bier de Garde – and that’s what I’m really in the mood for any way right now.

Update 16 May 2011:
Bottled tonight.
Final Gravity: 1.002
Tasting notes from bottling: medium body with a sugary grapefruit notes in the nose and aftertaste. I’ve also renamed this ‘GnomeMower’ since it’s so far form a Golden Strong.

Update 23 May 2011: Fantastic. The carbonation gives it a perfect head – and it lasts for the entire pint. The grapefruity-ness has subsided considerably and the body is much more forward. There’s a little off-sweetness on the nose but the finish is clean. Turned out to be quite the nice beer.