First Crack 104. The Moustache Rangers on a Podcast

I was forced out of my podcasting hiatus by the The Moustache Rangers, a highly-entertaining, improv’ed, space-comedy duo. Aric (also of MakeMeWatchTV and LeastDangerousGame fame) and Cory share the backstory of the Rangers, the mythos of the Great Moustache, and the emotional power of guacomole.

If like me, you’re a fan of Teknikal Diffikulties, you’ll probably dig TMR. It’s a great mix of improv, parody, and low tech.

The Moustache Rangers will be performing live at the Brave New Workshop‘s Improv-a-go-go on Sunday, November 18, 8pm. $1.

Listen to The Moustache Rangers on a Podcast [30 min].

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