First Crack 119. Justin Grammens on Mobile VOIP

I have a hypothesis that mobile VOIP over WiFi will replace mobile carriers for the majority of phone conversations within 5 years. For a reality check, I called up Justin Grammens of Localtone Interactive and Mobile Twin Cities.

From the picture he paints, I think we’ll see this well within 5 years. Maybe 2.

I also share with you my strategy for developing in this new mobile, web-based application world.

[51 min].

One thought on “First Crack 119. Justin Grammens on Mobile VOIP

  1. Fring is now available on Android. It allows you to make skype to skype calls on WiFi and over 3G (maybe lesser networks). It also allows you to make voice chats with other popular sercices (gtalk, msn).

    One step closer…

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