First Crack 65. First Crack Turns One Through Rich Tatums Ears

Rich Tatum listened to each of the First Crack podcasts in linear sequential order. I thought he’d be the perfect interview for First Crack’s 1st Birthday. I was right.

After we do a run down of the best and worst of the First Crack Podcast, we talk about:

  • Podcasting’s bandwidth problem (it isn’t what you think)
  • The opportunity podcasting and weblogs offer churches to build communities within their congregations

Rich’s favorite First Crack Podcasts of the past year:

  1. First Crack 61. Building an Airplane at Home with Jeff Coffey
  2. First Crack 60. Shellie Gonzales on Borrowing a Porsche Boxster for the Weekend
  3. First Crack 59. Bill Forsberg Throwing Out the First Pitch
  4. First Crack 50. The Challenges of Comedy Theater at the Brave New Workshop
  5. First Crack 14. Creator Ben Tesch
  6. First Crack 18. Blogumentarys Chuck Olsen and the Revamps
  7. First Crack 19. Coffee and Community at the Blue Moon

Special thanks to Steve Borsch from Connecting the Dots for the copy of Podcasting Hacks. I’m sure it will help the continuous improvement of the podcast. Here’s to another year.

Listen to First Crack Turns One Through Rich Tatum’s Ears [38 min]

4 thoughts on “First Crack 65. First Crack Turns One Through Rich Tatums Ears

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  2. Hey, Garrick! Fantastic editing job! I’m shocked and awed that you got so much of the “meat” of our conversation cut down to 30-some-odd minutes. My only regret is the time-delay that Skype imposes on a conversation so that I cringe every time I hear myself stepping on your attempts to interject a word into my stream-of-consciousness rambling. I hate that awkward sort of stumble that comes when I’m halfway into a sentence when I suddenly hear you start to say something, and then I stop, but by then you’re hearing me go full bore, and then you stop, so we all stop and start and stutter while lurching our way toward some semblance of a conversation.

    Ah, Skype. It’s a joy, but still not the bandwidth we need, eh?

    Thanks for a great conversation, a great editing job, and for the great honor of talking to me on your show’s first anniversary. Kudos to you, bro! Keep up the great work.



  3. Congratulations Garrick! I just checked my downloaded shows and there it is . . . the one year celebration in audio.

    Let the listening commence!

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