First Crack 75. Jen and Garrick Talk About Being New Parents

On a drive this past weekend, Jen thought it was time we talked about being new parents.

Everything you’d expect is in here; guilt, funny clothes, guilt, awkwardness, diapers, mommy-and-me classes, dad-and-son catch, and thoughts on starting solid foods.

Yes, we’re still armchair parents at heart.

Listen to Jen and Garrick Talk About Being New Parents [35 min]

5 thoughts on “First Crack 75. Jen and Garrick Talk About Being New Parents

  1. It just goes to show my style of humor, but the first line by Jen drew me in to the podcast with a snap of the fingers! Now i’m off to listen to more toilet humor during the show!

  2. Just gave this one a listen… thanks for the flashbacks! (two daughters now 3 and 5.)

    Just brought back many memories when we had our first. It’s a busy time but y’all sound like your doing great.

    (And I agree about the crying, sometimes they just cry and there’s not much you can do. Good Luck!)

  3. Really enjoyed this. Our son just turned 2, and it’s amazing how much we’re still trying to figure out. New challenges and paradigm shifts occur every single day.

  4. @porridge – I completely agree. Relistening to this conversation 2 years later with our 2 kid just a few months old, I was struck by just how much we completely forgot (blocked?) from our first weeks as parents.

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