First Crack 96. Jeff Williamson on St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing

As Jeff Williamson, co-owner of St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing Co. awaits kegs to distribute the first batch of Flat Earth Pale Ale, he and I talk about;

  • Getting a microbrewery off the ground
  • How a new child changed his the direction of Flat Earth
  • Flat Earth’s place in Minnesota’s beer scene.

Listen to Jeff Williamson on St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewery [16 min].

8 thoughts on “First Crack 96. Jeff Williamson on St. Paul’s Flat Earth Brewing

  1. LOVED the podcast on FLAT EARTH BREWING! Jeff and Cathie Williamson are awesome people and we all wish them every success in the world. I have been blessed in knowing Cathie for well over twenty five years and Jeff almost as long. Thanks again for the podcast.

  2. The official release party will be Thursday March 1st at The Happy Gnome in St.Paul, MN They will be tapping the first keg around 6 P.M.

    The Happy Gnome
    498 Selby Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55102

    You can also check their website for information on additional locations serving Flat earth beer(s)

  3. Being a beer geek, I could have listened to the interview for more that 15 minutes. The story of going from the idea of “Hey I want to brew beer for a living!” to actually brewing beer would probably be an interesting one for the amateur craftbrewers of the world who, at one time or another have thought they would open their own brewpub/brewery.

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