Tim Brunelle passed me the baton

    4 jobs I’ve had (and would be even less good at today):

  1. graphic design
  2. laser printer repair
  3. baling hay
  4. hand-milking sick cows
    4 places I’ve been (and anxiously await returning):

  1. Brussels
  2. Hamburg
  3. All those waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge
  4. That hill I used to spend winter afternoons hiking up and snowboarding down.
    4 bands or artists I am listening to:

  1. Lucero
  2. Centro-matic
  3. Two Cow Garage
  4. Gentle Reader
    4 of my favorite foods (that I either don’t or can’t eat anymore):

  1. Anything from Krispie Kreme
  2. Cake frosting on graham crackers
  3. Unpasteurized cheeses
  4. Sandwiches from the Acoustic Cafe in Menomonie, WI