Now That It’s Either Obama or McCain….

The 2 parties have a 6-month opportunity to show the American public how serious they are about solving this country’s problems.

“…Spend 1/4 of the money [raised by the campaign] telling everyone how you’re using 1/2 of the money to help people. This proves that your Presidency will be about solving problems, because you’re not waiting to get elected to solve problems.”- Dave Winer

I have a hard time imagining people are waffling between the Obama or McCain. I have an even harder time imagining anything either of these campaigns do will pull people from the other camp (negative advertising, etc). Hell, I doubt there’s anything the RNC or DNC could do that would cause Bob Barr supporters to defect.

If there was. Anything. That could cause someone to switch affiliations between now and Nov. It would be using campaign dollars to solve problems today. Instead of betting that they won’t actually need to.

2 thoughts on “Now That It’s Either Obama or McCain….

  1. I have just as hard a time imagining anyone waffling. But we’re told all the time that there are voters who could go either way; for what it’s worth, I suppose that’s a good thing.

    Using campaign dollars for something (ostensibly) other than the campaign… is an interesting idea. Would be something to see. But for those with their mind already made up, I’m still not sure it would cause a switch. Maybe that’s pessimistic, maybe just pragmatic.

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