Forrester Confirms Podcasting Isn’t Interesting

Recently, I was asked for a list of the top 25 podcasts. Period. Like a list of top foods, another attribute is required to have any value (fruits, husband-wife chatter, technology, frozen, music, independent, sparkly).

I’ve said it before – Podcasting is more like voicemail than radio.

Forrester’s Charlene Li backs me up with two points:

  1. Podcasting is hard to accurately measure. (Seth Godin just said, “there are important things you can’t measure”)
  2. Podcasting existing audio is more valuable than creating something new.

I’m pretty impressed that with all the hype, the interesting things with podcasting are still happening outside the scope of the analysts and the podcast directories.

More on the podcasting-as-voicemail from Rex Hammock:

“I believe podcasting’s greatest impact will be as a personal medium for small groups — as small as two”

One thought on “Forrester Confirms Podcasting Isn’t Interesting

  1. Industry “watchers” really don’t know what’s going on out there – and their opinions (much like a movie critics) have very little influence on the market.

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