Fry It Up and Put a Stick in It

Mouth Trap Cheese Curds at the MN State Fair

The first year Jen and I were back in Minnesota, we hit the State Fair twice. This was the year they debuted deep-fried Snickers bars on a stick and deep-fried Oreos (BTW, Yea on the Snickers, Nay on the Oreos).

If you attempt the Snickers bar, eat it as you leave the fairgrounds, wash it down with $1 all-you-can-drink milk, and have someone else drive. The sugar coma will hit exactly 10 minutes after you pull out of the parking lot – you’ll wake up 3 hours later disoriented.

However long the line is at Mouth Trap Cheese Curds, you must stand in it. At the end is the best cheese curds in the upper midwest.

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