Gardens of Salonica – Comfortable Greek

Last night, Jen and I went out to dinner in celebration of our anniversary at NE Minneapolis’ Gardens of Salonica (19 5th Street NE, Minneapolis). Gardens is half a step outside of the hustle and bustle of the St. Anthony Main and that’s why I like it. This 2-room restaurant so comfortable and personable, I feel like everyone that walks in is family. Thankfully, ours was home keeping an eye on Cooper.

Then there’s the food.

The pureed caviar appetizer is amazing. Just remarkable. I don’t know why they have any other appetizers. The tangy saltiness sets the meal off right every time. On the other hand, as much as we like calamari, we never have much luck with their octopodi.

Jen went with the tried and true Psito – which I believe is Greek for “best lamb you’ve ever had”. Yes. So good. I had the goat shank and spinach special, fall off the bone tender, nice hint of lemon, still not as good as the lamb. Plus, both were sensible, reasonable portion sizes. Refreshing in itself.

Normally, we’d go for their figs-in-port desert – but tonight Jen wanted chocolate and nothing on Gardens’ menu fit the bill. Instead, we walked 2 blocks to the Wilde Roast Cafe and sampled their molten lava chocolate baby cake.