Garrick’s Web Technology History

Earlier this week – a message came through the web font mailing list referencing VRML. A painfully slow, barely usable, 3d modeling-for-the-web technology that I experimented with VRML during my time with Jeremy and da5d.

And I hadn’t heard of since.

Shortly after my adventures in VRML, CSS 2.0 supported custom web fonts as we know them today, and I did some early experiments with that technology.

These two memories made me wonder about the intervening years and the web technologies I’ve worked with since.

    Here’s what the journey looks like so far

  • 1996: HTML
  • 1997: VRML 2.0
  • 1998: Web Fonts in CSS2, more about designing with them, no tech development
  • 1999: —
  • 2000: Weblogs, more about the act of publishing with them, no tech development
  • 2001: WiFi & Tablet PCs, yes, these were some very hot Linux tablet PCs
  • 2002: —
  • 2003: RSS Feeds (more about reading them, no tech development)
  • 2004: Podcasting, First Crack Podcast, PodcastMN, etc
  • 2005: Weblogs – round 2, WordPress (WP-iCal, WP-GotLucky, WP-iPodCatter plugins)
  • 2006: RSS Feeds – round 2, Cullect
  • 2007: Twitter
  • 2008: URL Design & Shortened URLs
  • 2009: Web Fonts – round 2, Kernest