iPhone App Development Step 1: Hit a Brick Wall

This morning, I had an idea for a iPhone app. After drawing up a couple of sketches on paper – I dove into the internets to look for existing code, sample projects, or at least some tutorials that might get me started.

While I did find an extremely simple sample project that did something similar – the bulk of the research was:

Apple doesn’t allow that.

Just out of the gate and the answer is ‘No’.

So inspiring.

Combine this with all the stories of people struggling to get their application distributed by Apple – and there’s good reason for web apps were Apple’s first answer to iPhone development.

One thought on “iPhone App Development Step 1: Hit a Brick Wall

  1. I thought that they had backed off on the whole “You can’t teach people how to make iPhone Apps” thing, a while ago. Some guys with deep pockets for some reason convinced them it was a good idea to let people write books about it.

    On the other hand, there’s probably an open source Android app you can look at to start from.

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