Get Paid to Do What You Love

I'm a micropatron.

Jason Kottke is making the biggest decision of his life. He’s testing a hypothesis I’ve had since I started podcasting. I believe the business model of the future is the one public television and public radio have been using for years:

If your customers like what you do, they’ll pay you to continue.

Dean Allen did the same back in 2004 with TextDrive, he raised $40,000 in 4 days. Offering people hosting for the lifetime of TextDrive for a mere $200.


I predict we’ll see more and more people pursuing this model. As they do, the traditional concepts of media, employer, and job will look archaic and clumsy.

And yes, I’m supporting both Kottke and Textdrive.

UPDATE: I sitting here listening to Dave Slusher’s latest podcast and realized I need to add Evil Genius Chronicles and Chuck Olsen to this Asking for Support to Do What You Love list.