Hollywood Video in the Local Supermarket

Ran up to the local Cub Foods for a last minute dinner item this evening and snapped the above photo of the new Hollywood Video Express Kiosk over in a part of the store I never go to (Sturgeon’s Revelation frequently comes to mind while I’m grocery shopping).

I found two things interesting about this moment.

  1. Hollywood Video still exists – and enough to launch A New Thing
  2. Someone was using it

If I wasn’t in a hurry (why hasn’t Cub installed self-checkout?) and wasn’t already a Netflix subscriber, I might have stopped to check it out.

One thought on “Hollywood Video in the Local Supermarket

  1. I had problems returning my “2” rentals, the viedo machine would not accept my returns, something wrong woth the drop box, so the store Cub Foods 5937 Nicollet ave so 55419, employee took the movies and put the into the drop box they have seperately behind the customer service center, and put the “2” movies were returned on time, before 11:59 p.m. dead line, but I still have been charged for a 2nd day rental, and this should not have happened, i need to find out how to get my checking account/debt card, reimbursed for the charge.

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