How to Podcast

Creating Podcasts:
Here’s the setup I’m currently using to record the First Crack Podcast:
Radio Shack lapel microphone>>M-Audio MobilePre USB Mobile Preamp>>Apple Powerbook>>GarageBand>>iTunes.

When I’m done recording in GarageBand, I select ‘Export to iTunes’ from GarageBand’s ‘File’ menu. That sends the file to iTunes as an aiff. In iTunes, I set the meta-data for the file:

  • Name: [Your Podcast Show Name] [Episode Number] [Episode Name]
    (I recommend putting your show name in the song name for aggregators like that only show the episode name)
  • Artist: [Your Name Here]
  • Album: [Your Podcast Show Name]
  • Comments: [Episode Description]
  • Genre: Podcast

Then, I cmd-click the file and select ‘convert selection to MP3’. After the conversion is complete, I pull the file out of my iTunes library, and rename to something internet-friendly like: YourPodcastShowName_EpisodeNumber-ShortEpisodeName.mp3

I FTP the resulting file to the site, write a post on the weblog and include the mp3 file within an “a href” tag. WordPress handles the RSS file creation automatically. Automatic enclosure support can be found in WordPress 1.5.

Receiving Podcasts:
First off, an Apple iPod is not required. Podcasts are simply mp3 files. If you have something that will play mp3s, you can listen.

“So if an iPod isn’t required, why is it called podcasting?”

I’m glad you asked, the answer is: Podcasting rhymes with broadcasting.
Broadcasting, like a grey blanket, covers everyone in the same stuff. iPods are very personal, intimate devices. So, even though the NBC affiliate in your area has the same prime time schedule, no one has the same stuff on their iPod (or other digital music library).

Software (like NetNewsWire and iPodderX for the Mac, Doppler and iPodder for Windows) automatically downloads the latest mp3 files to your computer.

If you’re looking for some shows to get you started, in the right-hand column of this page, you’ll find the “Twin Cities PodRoll”, this is a list of shows produced in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and “Garrick’s PodRoll”, these are the shows I currently subscribed to.