Hunting For a Non-HFCS BBQ Sauce

Today, Jen slow-cooked some pork loin and when it was fall-apart with a fork tender, we drained it, smothered it in BBQ sauce, and ignored it some more.

After ignoring it good and long, we forked it onto some sesame-topped buns, threw on a scoop of ‘slaw and called it dinner.

Yeah. Tasty goodness. Worth staying in for.

The only thing that could make it better is if the BBQ sauce didn’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup as the second ingredient. I’m pretty sure a sauce exists without HFCS in the ingredient list – let alone first or second. Unfortunately, SuperTarget didn’t have it on their shelves.

Anyone know where I could find it?

3 thoughts on “Hunting For a Non-HFCS BBQ Sauce

  1. There. You had to go and make me start craving BBQ just as the snow is starting to fly. Now all I want to do is fire up the smoker and shove a pork shoulder in there.

    As far as the sauce, pulled pork usually tastes best with a more vinegar based sauce, which you’re not going to find in MN in Cub or SuperTarget or pretty much anywhere else. You’d find it in North Carolina (where pulled pork is a religion). However, given the long cooking time on pulled pork, I usually just make my own instead.

    The true eastern NC style sauce is a recipe something like this:

    1 c White vinegar
    1 c Cider vinegar
    1 tb Sugar
    1 tb Crushed red pepper flakes
    1 tb Tabasco sauce
    Salt – to taste
    Freshly cracked black pepper
    To taste

    You can find that one and a few others that are worth looking at over at:

    Oh, and if you liked pork loin done this way, you need to try a Boston butt shoulder roast over applewood. Dang. The oatmeal squares cereal doesn’t look so good anymore this morning.

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I had a pork roast last Sunday and have been searching for a non-tomato BBQ recipe for its second appearance as pulled pork.

    Sister-in-law promised hers, but didn’t deliver.

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