Ikea vs Target

Target’s “newplace newspace” line is an obvious strike against Ikea’s hip and disposable interior furnishings, and a big win for customers. (There are more Targets than Ikeas near me and if you’re in the US, I’d bet near you also.)

Then this morning I hear, Ikea to sell groceries.

Reminds me of the scene in the Right Stuff where Jeff Goldblum rushes in proclaiming “It’s the Russians”, kicking off the Cold Warer, Space Race (thanks Al).

UPDATE: 11 November 2005. I noticed somebody came by this post googling for IKEA’s target audience. For that, I’d recommend the lyrics to Jonathan Coulton’s song ‘IKEA’

2 thoughts on “Ikea vs Target

  1. Al, thanks for correcting my quote from the Right Stuff.

    I think you brought up a good question – which came first? Wikipedia says the Space Race and Cold War were in fact a chicken and egg problem:

    “Space exploration and satellite technology could feed into the cold war on both fronts. Satellite-borne equipment could spy on other countries, while space-faring accomplishments could serve as propaganda to tout a country’s scientific prowess and military potential.”

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