Notes from Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, RSS, and More Talk

Great turnout at my MN-ASIS Brain Food Sampler talk earlier this week. We covered quite a bit of ground in 30 minutes, thanks to everyone attending for the great questions. Here are Ann Treacy‘s notes, published as her latest Byte of the Week email newsletter (Thanks again Ann):

“Last night I went to a great presentation by Garrick Van Buren to the Minnesota chapter of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. He was terrific! I am killing two birds today by writing up my notes and sharing them with you and ASIST. So today’s Byte is an annotated bibliography of many of the resources Garrick mentioned on wikis, blogs, RSS, and podcasts.”

  • Garrick’s web site – includes links to various blogs, wikis, and podcasts, including Garrick’s podcast, First Crack.
  • WordPress – software to help you create/maintain a blog. As their site says, they’re “free, yet priceless.”
  • Audacity – open source audio recording for creating a podcast.
  • Audio Hijack Pro – upgraded software for creating a podcast.
  • Audioblogger – easy tool for creating podcasts, much like for blogs.
  • WikkaWiki – software to create a wiki (a wiki is akin to a shared blog).
  • NetNewsWire – an RSS reader – for info consumers.
  • Feedburner – Helps you generate and track an RSS feed that you have created – for info creators
  • MNspeak part blog, part wiki, part old fashioned web conference.
  • Trackback – this is the Wikipedia definition of Trackback, a concept that allows and tracks posts among blogs with a reduced chance for spam.
  • Technorati – a search engines for blogs (aka the blogosphere).
  • Google Patent – we mentioned this last night, this is my [Ann’s] favorite article on the topic.