Innovation in Feed Aggregation = Search?

“So what do I say when people want me to switch my reader away from Google Reader? I answer ‘it’s too late.'” – Robert Scoble


Anyway, in the comments, there’s a pointer to Like streamy and aiderss it’s another attempt to make a new kind of aggregator. From the screencast, it seems more in the realm of techmeme (5000 channels and nothings on) rather than newgator/bloglines (just the channels I want).

The most interesting innovation in feed aggregation can’t be Google adding search. There’s got to be something else. Please let there be something else.

Then again, I’ve been building2 and haven’t been paying super close attention.

1. On a personal note: This comment makes me smile. It’s a fine line between promoting the next hottest app and proclaiming lock-in.

2. I’m planning to go more public with it at this month’s meeting. So, shhhh if you’ve already seen it, thanks.