Thanks to MusicMayhem [1] our Fridays are now marked by 90 minutes of music trivia against our neighbors. Last week the two teenagers of the house competed on their own – three teams in one house. This week we came back as a singular force to achieve 2nd place overall. While all have our strengths, though an overall blindspot is hip hop 2005-present. We are still trying to replicate our 1st place win on March 24th.



When you move, in this Zoom call you half-disapper into the stylish apartment asserted by your fake background.

In that moment, I don’t know which to believe.


My friend Lewis sent me a photo of the Brussels Beer Project’s Nørd Bliss beer [2]. After backwards engineering a recipe from the label.

It’s a strange beast;

  • no boil,
  • protein gulping enzyme addition,
  • scandanavian yeast,
  • no bittering hop addition,
  • one single hop.

As luck would have it, I had everything on hand to recreate it.

It’s delicious;

  • coconut,
  • mango,
  • prickly pear

Easily the most fun beer I’ve brewed in years.

If you’re interested in a collaboration – even a virtual one – reply with your idea and we’ll go from there.



Somewhere, there’s an angsty teen novel being written with the working title, “The Summer of Nothing.” In a decade, it’ll be considered that generation’s Catcher in the Rye.


I’m keeping a running list of my predictions of the cultural consequences of this crisis, using McLuhan’s Media Tetrads as the framework. I’m most excited for the fine dining speakeasys.


I entered a virtual kubb league. By the time you read this I will have played against someone in across the metro, down in Arkansas, and over in Sweden. Playing against a opponent on Facebook Messenger adds a level of absurdity to an already absurd game. Still got stuck in a six kubb grind for 20 minutes.

6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B 6i 0B


With my recent cognitive surplus [3], I’ve been diving deep, deep into my ancient family history. Somehow, my 11th great-grandfather has bent history in towards himself in some small way as multiple sources praise him similarity:

“He is entitled credit for never swerving from allegiance to Dutch government which is more than can be said for his English neighbors who proved themselves to be traitors to the colony which they fled from persecution.”

I seem to have found a glitchy corner history not written by the victors.