Lunch is the Most Important Meal – Redux.

As a follow-up to my earlier post on lunches, I submit this announcement from Duluth, MN’s mayor Herb Bergson.

Bergson plans to visit one classroom each Friday and take a tourist to lunch that day. He also wants to meet with different small-business owners each Friday to see how the city can help them grow.

A very public effort to see his city through its citizen’s eyes. Kudos. If you’re planning a long weekend in Duluth, give Mr. Bergson a call.

2 thoughts on “Lunch is the Most Important Meal – Redux.

  1. Recently, I made a commitment to eating better and more regularly, as I concentrate and feel better when I do. It’s interesting to see this taken to a new level.

    I’m a student and one of the more productive projects i worked on involved a team meeting once a week over lunch or dinner. somehow it’s casual and creative all at once. I guess I never considered the impact of that kind of behavior, but we functioned well as a team and I’m sure a part of it was how and when we interacted. this idea will definitely stick with me as i make the transition to the professional world.

  2. Its very hard for me to eat at regular intevals through-out the day. I think this is a very important thing to do, and I guess I should get on track, no wonder I feel so lousy all the time.

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