One thought on “metrollectual

  1. I like the term, but I disagree on the definition. I’ve also coined the term, and believe it best aplies to PC political types that profess the superiority of their trendy, university or media-preached value system, and reject utterly as immoral or evil anybody who dares to challenge its basis. Metrollectuals are totally assured of their moral superiority and the soundness of their politic perspectives. When challenged with effective argument, Metrollectuals engage in slander of the intellect or character of their opponents. This comprises metrollectual argumental technique.

    Further, Metrollectuals are subconsciously motivated by their sex drive – most of metrollectualism evolves in the student sexual environment, as a means for males to show their cleverness and social skills to idealistic women. The women tend to be the most aggresive proponents of modern metrollectual thought.

    Their fallicy is to believe their narrow middle class urban upbringing gives them any kind of experience to judge complex social phenomena and be capable of engineering it to its benefit.

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