MN Governor e-Debate 2006 First Impressions

Steven Clift is moderating the 2006 MN Gubernatorial candidate e-dbate. I’ve been following along via the RSS feed. Ever day a new question – perfect.

This is exactly how I like my politics – integrated into how I do everything already (RSS).

The questions are good, the answers are surprisingly good considering it’s a ‘political debate’. I credit Steven’s format: the candidates aren’t live and aren’t in the same room – and his intro kick-off video.

Even a couple questions in, it’s obvious who the serious candidates are (Pawlenty, Hatch). It’s great that the other candidates are running, and kudos to everyone for participating in the e-debate. I still don’t get being a single-issue candidate, just fixing the issue seems like a much more direct way of changing things than gambling on winning an election.

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