Odd Friday in Minneapolis

I’ve been working out of the home office most of the week. Today was my first opportunity to spend some time around the city. You know – with other people. Glad I did.

I caught a slightly-punk late-twentysomething, walking casually down Nicollet Mall with full-grown macaw on his right shoulder. Yes, they were deep in conversation.

There isn’t a Dress Like a Pirate Day – I checked – and we’re months from Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I think this is normal in his world. Sweet. I was on the phone with Kari, so no photo. Sorry.

Hey, parrot guy, if you’re reading this, I’d love to interview your macaw on my podcast.

My neighbor’s roof is being redone. I get home, settle into my office and watch one of the roofers walk to the opposite side of my house and drink from my hose. Speechless.

2 thoughts on “Odd Friday in Minneapolis

  1. At our previous house, we had a basketball hoop in the back driveway that the neighbor kids would often use. Well, after coming home three days in a row to discover that they left the garden hose running all afternoon, I took down the basketball hoop. Dang, I had a big water bill that month.

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