Pruning the Beanstalk – Feedreaders Need to Grow With Us

“Odeo will work fine for new subscribers, but as soon as you’ve been subscribed for a few months, it’s impossible to use.” – Michael Mahemoff

Michael’s got an excellent point there.

If you’ve following my writing, you know I have a similar problem with the 300+ subscriptions in my NetNewsWire (up from 250, up from 200, etc). This overload problem isn’t unique to either of these applications, it’s feedreaders across the board, hell, it’s inboxes across the board. Unable to make intelligent decisions about importance – they give us everything…except what the world has declared spam.

Pretty rudimentary.

We’ve developed great aggregation tools, now the filtering tools need some work.

With Feedseeder, I’m more interested in making the 143rd use pleasant than the first. Not that it’s easy to do, but eating my own dog food helps.