Success Equals Being Acquired and Losing Control?

Check out this one line in ZDNet’s coverage of TechCrunch’s Arrington web winners/losers list:

Winners (got acquired)

Now, I don’t know if that’s Arrington’s perspective (I suspect so) or ZDNet’s (also likely), either way the sentiment is disturbing.

If this is the mentality of the Valley, then I celebrate every project on the “Very Good Bets” list that has dismissed multi-million dollar buy out offers.

On a personal note, while I have stagnant accounts on many of projects on Arrington’s combined list, I actively only use 3; Skype, WordPress, RocketBoom.

Leading to me further question the items in his ‘Avoid’ list. I read the list to mean Arrington doesn’t see any room for game-changing innovation in those areas. Since I don’t actively use many of the existing offerings…I respectfully disagree.

Oh, yeah, and FeedSeeder will be an online feed reader.

I think I’ll follow Dave Slusher‘s lead and un-sub from the west coast Web 2.0 VC mentality.