With Comments Like These…

Chuck posted a comment (and his response) on a MNStories video he posted.

I’ve had my share of baffling comments and well, I generally keep them from you. The most baffling ones are usually drive-bys – without a real url, real name, or real email. Add in a comment that isn’t co-hesive and well, it doesn’t get approved. Simple as that. On the flipside – I’m far more lenient on trackbacks.

That said, all media – like we the people ourselves – are biased. That doesn’t mean we can’t share the camera with someone we disagree with. If anything – that should give us license to do more of it.

5 thoughts on “With Comments Like These…

  1. More importantly…


    It’s easy to shred paper, but much harder to delete bits/bytes that have spread to the vast corners of the globe.

    I’ll probably look back, and wonder what was going through my mind when I typed this comment.

  2. Sure, accountability is a huge benefit in the short term (less than 5 years).

    Documenting changes in perspective and thinking is the greater benefit over the long term (greater than 5 years).

    Without change, all the MySpace pages put up by 15 year old will continue to haunt them decades from now. And that’s not realistic or healthy.

    Like politicians attacking each other for things they did decades ago – attempting to insist anyone’s thinking and identity can’t be persuaded with time. Meaningless FUD.

    It’s the change that’s important, otherwise we’re dinosaurs.

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