Ququoo.com – Time, all a Twitter

Ququoo turns Twitter into a timesheet…..or a cumulative blogging engine, or a time-based note-taking system.

Here’s an example of how you can group your tweets with Ququoo:

Fri. 25 May 2007
about 1 hour (09:26AM – 10:22AM)
working on some wireframes

32 minutes (08:53AM – 09:26AM)
back to editing
first edit complete. Pretty happy with it. Longer than I expected.
contractors cutting hole in foundation below me. Unnerving.

After you and ququoo.com become friends, prepend your tweets with qq your tweet to tell Ququoo to start recording. Then when you’re done doing that, use the same command to tell Ququoo that you’re doing something else, or end the time with a simple qq.

Version History
19 June 2007
RSS & iCal feeds
auto-hyperlinking urls
fixed timezone bug

05 May 2007
Hello World.

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